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Hi, welcome to the place to make your transition back home easier!

Me experiencing Reverse Culture Shock! 😀

This space is a hangout for returnee expats that offers you the support and specific resources to help you re-adapt back home. We focus on the emotional support you need when you leave your life behind and start all over back home. Just because you are physically back home it doesn’t always mean that you are 100% there yet, and we are here to help you bridge that gap that can make you feel stuck, annoyed or stressed back home and that is preventing you from being happy or to normally function back home.

Going back home is a gradual process that needs some time and space in order to happen in you. Dealing all the life changes that a big life move implies without a well laid out plan for yourself and without the basic tools and knowledge on how to deal with its challenges is like going into a huge snowstorm wearing shorts and holding a fancy cocktail paper umbrella as your only protection. You deserve a better way. We want you to feel well backed up and prepared with a proper guide and advice, the book and workbook will help you make your transition easier just like it has helped others succeed before you.

Come back for regular updates, sign up with your email for useful tips and connect with other returnee expats on the Community Resources below . Let us know what your case is like and your ideas about how we can make you feel better and make yours a home sweet home move!

Elena Nebreda


Facebook group How To Survive Reverse Culture Shock

Pinterest How To Survive Reverse Culture Shock Board

Tumblr How To Survive Reverse Culture Shock


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