“I wish I had read it as soon as I arrived home, it makes so much sense!” Alexia de la Morena

“This book is an invaluable guide for anyone who has travelled overseas and is thinking of returning home.” Padraig O’Connor

More than 42 re-adaptation ideas that have helped others before and a Workbook with 19 hands on exercises to avoid common pitfalls, get “unstuck” and moving!

1) Know exactly how Reverse Culture Shock works and what you can do about it
2) Feel comforted with other people’s stories about going home and see how they managed
3) Get re-adjusted and back to your normal, happy self

 Check out our video and Table of Contents below and then come back to get your book!

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Table of contents:


1. Why this book
2. I am going “home”, why is this hard for me?
3. Hostsickness instead of homesickness
4. Life changes

5. Why are you going back? Find your own reasons
6. Develop the attitude that is right for you
7. Handle this section to a friend, family member, coworker or boss

8. What is Reverse Culture Shock?
9. What is “home” to you?
10. Time, Space and Change
11. Typical Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock processes

12. Cognitive dissonance
13. A question of identity
14. What is this Third Culture thing?
15. The radical approach

16. Know yourself and plan ahead
17. Logistic considerations
18. How to keep your old life present in your new life at home
19. 42 ideas for you to have an easier transition
20. Beware of how you use these ideas

21. Culture Cringe
22. Stress and how to reduce it
23. When home feels heavy
24. Social Expectations
25. The job and money issue
26. Dating and your love life
27. Typical fears and how to relativize them

28. When it is hard to let go
29. Ego issues
30. Letting go

31. Re-invention abroad and at home
32. Finding yourself
33. Looking at the bright side

34. Last word: What if after all I still can’t re-adapt?

35. Extra note


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