Re-adapt and substitute items in your Routine

When I got home to a big city after living in a runner’s dreamland in Boulder, Colorado, I stopped running. I know I shouldn’t, but I did. I looked for green spaces but couldn’t find any but the funny thing was that it was all in my head! This makes me feel really stupid, but I have to tell you: I happen to actually live right in front of a pretty big pine forest in urban Madrid, but I was so caught up in my memories of endless and wild spaces that I literally couldn’t see the great running space I had in front of me.  I didn’t run for months, adding misery to my RCS. Running has always been such a simple and quick way to relieve stress for me. Every time I would feel like running I would remind myself that I was not in Colorado anymore and stayed at home being super grumpy and unhappy. Until one day I grumpily tied my running shoes and started running there. What a discovery!

I am not going to lie, that pine forest is not a great, great open space packed with wildlife. It is the only single option I have here right next to my house, instead of the many options Colorado had on the menu for me, close to home and without driving, but hey, I started appreciating it a lot. I realized I am extremely lucky to live right next to it in a big city. It was very dirty and I started putting up posters with plastic bags attached asking for people’s help in cleaning it up and inadvertently I started getting more integrated in a cause that is important for me, now the neighbors pick up trash so efficiently that very little help is needed, and I get a much, much greener and nicer space to run in.

The point of this video and post is that our activities make our routines, and that you get to pick which ones you want. You can pick being grumpy and staying home eating your buggers in your misery or you can tie your shoelaces and go look for a place to do what you like.  When you move you change your environment and it is very likely that your activities and routines will change, but you have to make the best out of it either by re-adapting your routine using the available activities and resources that you have there or substituting activities that you can no longer do for others that you can do.